Life, with a Retro Glam Twist

Come inside my world full of antique perfume bottles, Mad Men inspired fashion, letters about my life ready to be signed, sealed and delivered and a love for Old Hollywood. 



The Newest Entries to  Betty Juliet Diaries..... 



Vintage Magic with Jenna of Zuri


This is my first installment of Vintage Magic - a series about CT Stylists that can provide you with a vintage look whether it’s for your wedding, prom, photoshoot or a special event.

I’m excited that my first interview features the beautiful and talented Jenna Poitras.

I know Jenna through the CT Bloggers Collective and always swooning over her talent of styling and her own bombshell style.  Jenna owns Zuri - a one stop shop for Wedding and Event hair, makeup and styling.  I interviewed her about her business, all vintage style, and tips & tricks to get a retro style at home. I also have looks that Jenna did and ways to contact her so you can look like a vintage goddess!


New Year, Old Fashion


Confetti tumbling from tall ceilings like clumsy go go dancers, sparkles, counting down from 10 with fervor, the sweetness and that small tinge of bittersweet ache when everyone collectively celebrates “HAPPYYY NEW YEAR”. That’s one of my favorite things in life, counting down a new year. That beautiful feeling can be dipped in nostalgic melancholy but overall it’s a glittery, renewed and fun.


Stevie Nicks Style & Inspiration


Stevie Nicks is one of my favorite musicians and part of the formidable Fleetwood Mac (which happens to be my favorite band). Stevie had that 70’s mysterious, alluring bohemian witchy allure that was sexy but never sexual. Her lyrics and music are woven with poetry and magic.

Listening to “Silver Springs” on repeat I would feel every lyric, every guitar pluck in my heart and in my head to the point it felt like reverberated. I felt that song, I still do, so deeply. Her whole music catalog is full of songs of love, loss, heartache, beauty and glamour.