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Come inside my world full of antique perfume bottles, heart shaped sunglasses, Mad Men inspired fashion and décor and a love for Old Hollywood. 



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Betty Juliet: Behind the Scenes


I recently did a Q&A live on Instagram. It was fun but I was a little nervous! There were some great questions asked and I wanted those who are new to my blog or instagram to get to know me better. 


Hartford, Retro Style


I was invited to a CT Blogger event at V's Trattoria in downtown Hartford. V's serves up classic Italian fare with a unique twist. I'm not a food blogger but it's hard to pass on a savory culinary experience along with connecting with other blogger babes! I enjoyed each and every dish and loved the chef's enthusiasm and love for food. It's a gem of an italian restaurant in downtown Hartford.

As I was sitting there, enjoying the relaxed yet sophisticated vibes of V's, I started to think about a retro-inspired Hartford city guide. I'm often in the New Haven area and being in Hartford inspired me to share with you some great vintage spots in CT's capital city. 



A Vintage Dream: Charles Cheney Inn


I had the distinct pleasure of staying at the lovely Charles Cheney Inn located in Manchester, CT. This English Tudor built in 1864 boasts vintage charm and detail. Everything is ornate and harkens back to a time of romance and extraordinary design. I stayed in the tranquil Green Room but I was lucky to have the whole Inn to myself! I felt like I was in a storybook or a film where the wide-eyed girl peeks into each room with wonder and amazement. The owner was extremely friendly and welcomed me with a quick tour of the Inn.

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