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A Retro Guide to Hyannis, MA


Living in Connecticut it seemed like a rite of passage to vacation at Cape Cod, Block Island and Martha's Vineyard. I always heard stories and saw the quaint ocean side photos but never traveled to any of those places. When I had an opportunity to travel to Cape Cod, stay at the Double Tree Hilton at Hyannis and explore & document the places & spaces around I was more than thrilled. I was taken aback by how it juxtaposed a graceful liveliness and a coastal, bohemian artsy serenity. I wanted to write my favorite places + spaces that were dipped in retro loveliness for you. 


Betty Grable Style


Betty Grable - with her iconic long, pin up legs and darling smile - is easily one of my favorite Golden Hollywood stars to channel. Betty was more than awesome legs and swoon worthy hair though - she set a record of 12 consecutive years in the top 10 of box office stars. How to Marry a Millionaire - with Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall - is my favorite film of hers! 

She radiated a spunk and sweetness and loved her style. With my shoot with Mark Johnson, I wanted to bring her exuberance to my photos and blog. Her style is legendary and here's some tips and tricks to exude that Grable pin up look. 


Summer Reading: Golden Hollywood Edition


To me there's nothing better but finding a shady spot under some magestic oak tree and reading  a book with the warm winds of summer all around me. One of my favorite topics to read about is Golden Hollywood. There's the glamour, the beauty, the romance but all the stories that people don't often know about..All the chaos and sadness behind all the sparkling matinee signs and velvet gowns. The real stories of all those gorgeous ladies and handsome men and what brought them to Hollywood and how hard it was to stay relevant. 

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