"Come in out of the darkness"

The Heart of Betty Juliet

The Heart of Betty Juliet

Since November 2017 it was my mission to turn my blog into something more. I wanted to focus on all things retro/vintage and become a brand, become a successful blogger. The 9-5 grind was wearing on me, it wears on a lot of us. I wanted to create and write and take pictures but the balance between personal life, a full time job and blogging on the side became too much at times.

Instagram and blogging has changed. To get to the almighty 10k you have to sign up for giveaways and constantly post on instagram and your blog and comment and comment and be "on" 24/7. I believe in the motto it takes money to make money but it was becoming a financial drain. I've been lucky to have free photoshoots but when I wanted to branch out I was taken back by how much money it is. Buying a giveaway to get followers can be 40-90 dollars (if not more, I haven't done those). Did it really make sense for me to advertise a Target or Nordstrom giveaway when my blog is about vintage fashion? I wanted to brand myself, I wanted to become successful at my blog but it was turning into an obsessive thing. 

I'd check my instagram in the morning, throughout the day and before bed. I feel I've lost precious time when I should have been enjoying great conversation and laughing and learning instead of scrolling and commenting on instagram posts. Don't get me wrong: I've met some incredible, incredible people on Instagram and the blogging community and have had some great opportunities because of my blog. I hope to continue that too. This isn't a farewell, it's a letter about taking a break and breathing to return stronger and more fufilled.

I truly believe to everything there is a season. A season to create, a season to rest, a season of love, a season of mourning, a season to pick flowers and write poetry, a season for transition and unrest and a season to learn. 

This season is full of change for me and I'm learning the moment I feel I have it all figured out is when life comes in and teaches me I still have more to learn and more to grow. I've been enjoying learning and laughing and being in love and taking each day at a time. My blog started out years and years ago as a writing outlet, it was my heart typed out in sentences. It was my heart beating about love and loss, about family and traveling. 

At the heart of all of this I learned it's okay to breathe, to rest, to enjoy life away from the phone. I hope to come back feeling renewed with more posts about retro fashion and adventures. In the meantime, be well and live well.


Courtney Barrett

Owner/Editor of Betty Juliet Diaries

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