Hello, my name is Courtney Barrett.

Welcome to Betty Juliet Diaries! 

My love for all things vintage has been in my heart since I can remember. Whether it was the way my late grandmother Pauline did her hair in curls, or the re-runs of That Girl with Marlo Thomas or the old musicals that I'd watch with girlish excitement - I was enchanted.  I majored in Fashion Merchandising and I sat starry-eyed in my Fashion History class. I switched my major over to Communications,  but I retained that love and fervor of learning how music and society collide and give us a reason behind the style for every era. 

I love the quiet glamour of a vintage perfume bottle, the detailed brooches that add whimsy to a dress, and the gorgeous, circular luggage bags of a girl with dreams of a technicolor Hollywood swirling in her eyes.  

This is my love letter to Old Hollywood and Vintage Style, all in a romantic cursive but with an undeniable modern, vibrant twist. I hope you enjoy  a project that has blossomed from a heart-felt passion of history, fashion, of music, of film. I currently reside in shoreline Connecticut and hope to chronicle my life journey along with my love for all things vintage.