A Vibrant & Vintage Life


Come inside my world full of antique perfume bottles, heart shaped sunglasses, Mad Men inspired fashion and décor and a love for Old Hollywood. Beyond all the glitter and glamour of yesteryear I want to capture real life in poetic prose whether it's tree-lined avenues that stir up nostalgia, a beautiful roof top coffee shop or the pain and hurt that lies behind all the glitz and style of a glossy photograph.







Enter, Betty Juliet Diaries


I'm a firm believer in letting our art take us places. For me, my blog has taken me to a vintage wonderland of 60's fuchsia nightgowns, antique teacups, Mad Men inspired wiggle dresses and a community of creative and welcoming bloggers. Sometimes our art opens magical windows where you see sparkling rose gardens. Sometimes it opens doors to an old cinema turned into a vintage boutique full of beaded dresses worn by Carole Lombard and black and white photographs of young couples enjoying some sunny beach in the 30's



Dress like a 70's Babe


I've been loving the 70's style lately - jumpsuits with plunging necklines, platform shoes, sparkly berets, tennis shorts, boho rocker vibes, floral patterns and disco decadence are just some of the things that come swirling to mind.

I wanted to compile a list of some stunning 70's style icons to channel when you want some retro, show-stopping appeal.                             







From the '30s-'70s: Dress Like Your Favorite Vintage Babe


I adore my wiggle dress from Unique Vintage. It reminds me of Joan from Mad Men. I love seeing Marilyn, Liz and all the other starlets in the '50s and '60s looking radiant and show stopping in these dresses. It made me think of my favorite muses over the years and their gorgeous styles. 

Whether you want to channel a slinky siren 1940's vibe or a groovy casual look from the 70's, I picked some of my favorite style inspirations from the '30s-70s. I also picked an outfit from Unique Vintage for each decade that will make you look like you stepped out of the pages of a vintage Vogue. 

For more retro adventure, I welcome you to come inside my world -

 The Betty Juliet Diaries