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Come inside my world full of antique perfume bottles, Mad Men inspired fashion, letters about my life ready to be signed, sealed and delivered and a love for Old Hollywood. 



The Newest Entries to  Betty Juliet Diaries..... 



Betty Juliet: Behind the Scenes


Most people who read my blog are those I met through Instagram, the CT Bloggers Collective or who I met in real life. I wanted to re-introduce myself on here for any new readers (and old)! I wanted to share with you the start of my blogging, my favorite blogs, my 10 favorite fashion & style items and some advice on bloggers starting out!


Vintage Boudoir Dreams


I love the glamour and elegance of old black and white photographs of Golden Hollywood actresses and models looking lovely and happy while they spritz on a delicate perfume or add scarlet to their lips. The silky nightgowns, the pin curls, the long lashes and effervescent femininity of a classic boudoir.  

I handpicked my favorite must haves to turn your bedroom and closet into a pin up boudoir heaven.  Click on an image and shop your favorite dreamy look!


This Season


I look at this new chapter as a fresh beginning in my loft in my favorite seaside nook. Through times of darkness and sadness there was always a light and I love being in it. I learned so much this year, and have thought so much about each lesson and reminder as I pack and unpack.  The year is almost over and as I take inventory on my life, I feel good. I’m grateful. 

For more retro adventures, I welcome you to come inside my world -

 The Betty Juliet Diaries