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A Retro Guide to Hyannis, MA


Living in Connecticut it seemed like a rite of passage to vacation at Cape Cod, Block Island and Martha's Vineyard. I always heard stories and saw the quaint ocean side photos but never traveled to any of those places. When I had an opportunity to travel to Cape Cod, stay at the Double Tree Hilton at Hyannis and explore & document the places & spaces around I was more than thrilled. I was taken aback by how it juxtaposed a graceful liveliness and a coastal, bohemian artsy serenity. I wanted to write my favorite places + spaces that were dipped in retro loveliness for you. 


Anita Ekberg Style


Anita Ekberg was a Swedish born Italian actress and model. Her infamous role in 1960’s La Dolce Vita put her on the map. Anita dancing, slashing and enticing her co-star to come join her in a long strapless black dress is an iconic cinematic moment.

Anita had some serious stunning style - from Va Va Voom, velvet gowns, turtlenecks, micro-pleated skirts, wavy blonde hair and alluring eyes - here are some of my favorite looks of her to inspire and channel.


Denim and Mimosas


Sunday, September 23rd. An elegant brunch was held in the chic patio of Barcelona wine bar in West Hartford. The hostess - none other than Sandra from The Rustic Life. I love Sandra’s passion for life and that trickles into everything she talks about and gets involved in - blogging, fashion, makeup, flowers, home decor and on Sunday - denim jeans fit for all shapes and sizes. There’s something poetic and beautiful of seeing someone talk about their passion and that’s how it felt listening to Sandra speak of Democracy jeans. Democracy’s jeans fit a wide array of shapes and sizes which is a breath of fresh air in a world that wants to serve you a One Size Fits All for everything.

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