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Gal Meets Glam for the Vintage Girl


I've always loved Julia Hengel of Gal Meets Glam's dreamy, feminine aesthetic. I adored the softness, the florals, the timeless feminine dresses and the colorful yet old fashioned feel of Charleston of her blog and Instagram feed. When her line of clothing came out, it seemed like every fashion blogger was excited - including me.

I love vintage - I love how vintage pieces hold stories and romance, I love the feel and smell. I also like modern pieces that harken back to the 40's and 50's. I like modern pieces that feel durable but still hold a classic romance and femininity and timeless charm. Gal Meets Glam made me swoon - she has so many vintage inspired dresses! Here are some of my favorites: 



Retro Work Attire


I work in property management, and wearing delicate vintage pieces can be quite tricky as I navigate the elements and walk  up and down many flights of stairs many, many times a day. I often opt for vintage inspired work clothing that aren't so dainty and delicate but still have a retro twist that reflects my style. I picked some of my favorite retro work gear. Some pieces are stand alone stunners and some are slinky basics that can be highlighted with a vintage touch by a simple thrifted brooch or Old Hollywood inspired hair.


1940's Fashion and Favorites


I love 1940’s fashion for many, many reasons. I love how it’s both practical and also cut out for womanly curves. It has an understated elegance and sex appeal. I fell in love with this black cocktail dress from the 1940’s. The vintage etsy shop Simplicity is Bliss was selling it and I swooned over the pictures. I just had to have this gorgeous show stopper with a darling neckline and glamorous details. I was worried initially of the size Small since vintage dresses can run even smaller. I have lost weight but no matter how much I lose, I still have womanly hips and thick thighs. I was pleasantly surprised this dress seemed suited for a smaller waist and wider hips. It hugged every curve with a confident classic femininity.

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