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Mad Men Gift Guide

I fell in love with Mad Men - not just the complex, layered characters but also the fashion and decor of the early to late 60’s. I loved the wiggle dresses Joan wore with so much allure, the beautiful 50’s style dresses Betty would slink around in and how dapper Don Draper and Roger Sterling were. I also love the elegant bar carts and gorgeous penthouses. If you have someone in your life who loves Mad Men like I do, I created a gift guide for you!


60’s Style Shift Dresses


The first shift dresses that came about were in the 1920’s. It was a stark contrast to the corseted, restricted dresses of yesteryear. The 20’s ushered in a time of social change and for women the “flapper” style introduced dresses they could easily maneuver and dance in. The shift dress featured a short hemline and dropped waist.

The ‘40s and ‘50s saw a backpedal of the shift dress as the Great Depression dampened the frivolity of fashion. Waist-hugging hourglass silhouettes were back in but by the 60’s the playful, fun shift dress emerged once again, with more spunk and popularity than ever


Chaos Isn’t For You


My favorite part of the year - the sweet part that’s in between a blossoming Spring and the dizzy sun soaked glitter of a new summer - gripped me with its warm winds and promise. I remember in great detail like I’m sitting by a typewriter in the 1920’s about to spill all about my heart and jazz and war and love. I remember it clearly.

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